Exhibit | Jeff Mitchum Gallery

We’re excited to announce our first permanent U.S installation of the Van Gogh Museum Edition Collection is now on exhibit and available for acquisition at Jeff Mitchum Galleries, Las Vegas. Art aficionados, collectors, and gallery guests can now see the beloved works of Vincent van Gogh in Las Vegas for the first time and like never before, up close and personal.

Van Gogh's original paintings are delicate and transporting them outside of the Van Gogh Museum can be hazardous, so the museum began exploring new ways and techniques of sharing his work with a global audience. Bringing Van Gogh’s work to places it would otherwise never be able to go to and giving people the opportunity to own their own Van Gogh.

Using highly advanced fine art reproduction technology, these premium qualities, three-dimensional reproductions of Van Gogh's masterpieces pay exclusive tribute to his artistic genius and avant-garde approach to art. Small details like the stickers on the back stretcher bars highlight where and when the painting has been exhibited throughout the world.

 “Van Gogh often used thick applications of paint on his canvas, making his work well suited to showcase the new technology used to produce the Van Gogh Museum Edition Collection. These high-quality limited editions allow people to experience the power and strength of Van Gogh’s imaginative brush work in an innovative new manner as well as to acquire their own Van Gogh masterpiece,” explained Axel Rüger, director of the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

By Stefanie Kaltenbrunner Online Assistant 05-07-2017