A Retrospective of Vincent van Gogh

Tribute International is the name given to the media and entertainment company that aims to offer ‘education through entertainment’ with a focus on the life and works of Vincent Van Gogh. By licensing and distribution of a wide range of high-end original creations- feature musicals, exhibitions, books, music and digital content. Tribute International has established a defined niche in the entertainment market by representing a new media concept & production company built to adapt to the ever changing entertainment market.

The vision behind focusing on the life and works of Vincent van Gogh lies in the artist’s connection to his homeland. Tribute International aims to inspire, educate and create growth through entertainment and Van Gogh’s life that can inspire us all. We sought some insight from Van Eck who is at the head of this project, “He’s truly inspirational. The man encountered so many ups and downs throughout his life that can be related to that I wanted to get his story across, shine a different light on him and his life.”

Part of our current goals and direction has led us to create an open blog in order to keep people up to date and informed of all our current activities. While, more importantly, we aim to share and attain a more in depth understanding of Van Gogh as an artist as well as a human being. All of Van Gogh’s paintings tell a story, but what is a story without the reasoning and understanding behind that creative process? This platform will showcase the different areas of involvement of Tribute international , the features will include…

  • Our client stories and their reasoning behind their purchases
  • Current exhibitions/events
  • Reviews of Van Gogh Struggle and Success Audiobook and Van gogh by van Eck CD
  • Van Gogh’s life and his paintings
  • letters to Theo
By Harry Castle Online PR Assistant 04-05-2015