CD and Artbooklet | Van Gogh by Van Eck

Before listening to this Album, I had a some pre determined ideas of what the album would contain. This concept album represents an interesting movement to the world of "classical" art. This inspiring interpretation has been tackled by a man who has studied and explored the life of Vincent Van Gogh. 

The opening piece of the album offers a relatively catchy and upbeat look at Van Gogh’s Self portrait. By Putting himself in the shoes of the artist, Van Eck successfully depicts the foreboding  struggle to Van  Gogh's consciousness. 

This struggle and confusion is recurring throughout the album, as it may have been throughout Van Gogh's life. 

We are subjected to an emotional tribute to Vincent and his work as it  takes the listener on an exploratory journey through the eyes of this revered artist. 

Each song on the album seems to be influenced by different styles and musical themes. A seemingly classical progressive rock album which delves into the paintings. Swinging from modern jazz to emotional singalong tracks with 80s western blues touches.  

The album itself is intuitively constructed and toe tappingly pleasant. Upbeat at times while still giving the listener a good idea of how the artist struggled throughout his life. 

Certain tracks such as "show me what's over the bridge" seem to be constructed like lullabies. While others embrace the moments of joy dotted through Van Gogh's life. Each song is met with a storyline and the lyrics are voiced as if Vincent himself had written them on the rear of one of his masterpieces. Van Eck's powerful and endearing voice captures the listener who is pulled along the storyline from one work of art to the next. 

This album represents a combination between an audiobook delving into the artist's thoughts and an enjoyable album. That can shed light on how the artist felt while painting some of his most symbolic works

La belle de nuit and one foot in front of the other kept a smile on my face as I scanned through the Album’s notes. These notes set the scene for each song but also for each painting while incorporating the lyrics in such a sleek enigmatic design.

Obsession's cut throat emotional breakdown of the artist almost seems intrusive. The strings seem to split ones heart as the memory of van Gogh's most famous painting cannot be shaken. The album seems to spiral into despair as we follow the artist's emotional journey from painting to painting and from moment to moment.

This album from Diedrich van Eck may not be making any sonic waves, it does however capture moments in the life of a man that so many people know and cherish. This album doesn't just offer music and a story line to go with the works of art. It is a symbol of the everlasting value that Vincent had on the world and, perhaps, it is also a respectful nod to the artist, to say:
“yes, we truly value what you have done for us” 

By Harry Castle Online PR Assistant 25-01-2016