Van Gogh on Tour | Conservatorium Hotel

The Museum square in Amsterdam has long been representative of the cultural prowess of the city. The open square allows access to countless Museums and cultural activities. These include The Rijksmuseum, The Concertgebouw and the renowned Van Gogh Museum. While not only catering to the culture aficionados, this area is also home to the luxury center.

At the center of it all sits the Conservatorium Hotel, an intricate and phenomenal hotel with a strong focus on contemporary design. The hotel embraces the elegant and sophisticated aspects of hospitality. The hotel itself matches a modern outlook with the strong heritage; which is held in high recognition.
The friendly and approachable atmosphere that is prevalent from the hotel is what brings value to its gracious charm.

The Neo-Gothic Building opened it's doors as a luxury hotel in 2011. The focus on design can be seen through the involvement of Piero Lissoni, world renowned interior designer from Milan.
 When focusing on merging an authentic historical building with contemporary flare. It is important that the focus be on creating a comfortable and livable feeling for the guests. With a label as comforting as Amsterdam's living room. One would be hard pushed to not feel right at home within these 19th century walls.

On the 5th and 6th of September, the Van Gogh Museum will inaugurate it's brand new entrance. Museumplein will be adorned with an intricate sunflower labyrinth. The 125 000 sunflowers represent a nod to the 125 of inspiration since Vincent Van Gogh's death. Both days will be a celebration of, not only the reopening of the Museum's entrance but also an honoring of the artist.

The Conservatorium Hotel will also celebrate this joyous occasion. Between the 4th and the 6th of September the hotel will be bright and sun kissed. The theme of the sunflower will prevail throughout the hotel. The hotel will be showcasing the infamous sunflower Museum Edition in the lobby. Upon nightfall, the hotel will shine, as a glimmer of yellow light will take over the hotel's facade. This event will allow for Van Gogh's legacy to live on, while creating an sunflower energy in one of the most vibrant parts of the city. Not to be missed.
By Harry Castle Online PR Assistant 04-09-2015