Van Gogh on Tour | Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Let’s get something straight about airport hotels. Every passionate traveller and explorer knows that when one makes use of these accommodations, efficiency is prioritized over an overall enjoyable experience. Much like airplane food, one just deals with it because it’s there, ready and available.
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has recently welcomed the new and long-awaited Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and this 2.0 version of airport hotels is set to become an airport game-changer. Its ancestor was well-beloved by internationals, however, the 2015 jacket which was put over a total new hotel right next to Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol’s original hotel will become not only a lay-over but a destination itself.
The stylish hotel overseen by Mecanoo Architects strikes a brilliant balance between modern (borderline futuristic) design and inviting hospitality. The smooth and cool white bones of the hotel in combination with lounge decoration make for an accurate description of what any traveller wants to encounter only 5 minutes out of an airport terminal. With 433 spacious guest rooms and 23 meeting rooms this particular design hotel is the perfect backdrop for the Van Gogh Museum Editions. Displayed on the first floor, the Editions are perhaps the finest greeting before entering several boardrooms ready for international conferences or a ‘Welcome to Holland’ sighting when going up to the marvelous guest stays.
Van Gogh’s visionary artwork and Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol’s groundbreaking venue are in beautiful harmony, shedding a new light on Vincent’s brushstrokes due to its modern platform. There is something bizarrely intriguing about observing Van Gogh’s Wheatfield Under Thunderclouds with airplanes taking off in the background to emphasize how timeless his works truly are. The Museum Editions will be open for enjoyment at Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol from December until March 2016 and for those travellers who feel that the Dutch cheese and tulips at SeeBuyFly won’t cut it this trip around, the exclusive Museum Editions make for memorable travel gifts. 
By Claudia Kaltenbrunner Online PR assistant 17-12-2015