Exhibit | Hotel de L'Europe

The De L'Europe hotel, sits perched on a bank of the Amstel River in the heart of the historical city of Amsterdam. In 2001, the hotel earned its status as one of Amsterdam's most treasured landmarks. Few structures in Amsterdam encompass the reality of the city's past, while remaining subtly refined and so beautifully maintained.
The 19th century building has remained at the focus of the art and design world for many years. Each room and suite is adorned with specific replicated dutch « Oeuvres » from the country's most revered painters. A largely understated way of paying tribute to the country's artists. While creating an elegant backdrop for guests to immerse themselves in the rich Dutch culture. The hotel boasts strong relationships with the nearby museums. A feeling of constant immersion into the history of Holland's artistic world can be felt within the 19th century walls. The De L'Europe hotel pays tribute to the thick tapestry that represents the history of the Netherlands. Owned by one the country's most esteemed families. Freddy's "Heineken" bar in the hotels lobby represents an ode the family that renovated it to it’s current state.
A guest may discover, the tasteful mix between the old and the new. A top hat adorned doorman and the exhibition of countless Rijksmuseum reproductions. Combined with the modern interior creates this beautiful contrast of the old merging with the new. The hotel seems to be the perfect host for out Relievo exhibition. but, find out for yourself.

By Harry Castle Online PR Assistant 30-06-2015