Van Gogh on Tour | Hotel Okura, Amsterdam

The Okura hotel chain has experienced a steady growth since their first location built in 1962 in Tokyo, Japan. Since this time, the organization now boast a grand portfolio of hotels primarily based in Japan but with such worldwide location as Shanghai, Honolulu and of course, Amsterdam.
Van Gogh focused his study on impressionism when he moved to paris in 1886 which opened up his exploration of Japonism. Japonism had become a source of inspiration for many European impressionists. Japanese art had specifically made a huge impression on Vincent van Gogh, in particular the Japanese wood prints. Through the intense colours and flat landscapes van gogh’s work reflects that of the Japanese artists. Vincent and his brother Theo became avid collectors of the japanese prints not only for Vincent to learn from them but also to share the appreciation for Japonism with fellow artists.
The reason that the Okura hotel seemed like such an ideal place to delve back into the life of Van Gogh during this growth period, becomes far clearer when looking at the amount of time that Vincent surrounded himself with this Art and style.

By Harry Castle Online PR Assistant 26-05-2015