Van Gogh on Tour| Intercontinental Amstel Hotel

The Amstel hotel may be one of the most renowned hotels in Amsterdam. It’s refined stature, powerfull history and prime location make it an unmissable location for a brief stint in the city. The striking building is quite the eye catcher. As it looms over the amstel next to the sarphatistraat bridge. Ever since opening its doors to guests in 1867 the Amstel has always strived towards culture. The hotel has been at the front of sharing and embracing the city’s strong heritage.

The Amstel's near 150 years of service has allowed it to grow towards it's historical elegance. One can also take comfort in it's modern esthetic. While embracing the familiar dutch charm within it's walls.

The Hotel's location is perfectly adapted to a full emersion into the Amsterdam art scene. With easy access to Museumplein and the Hermitage amsterdam museum. It is easy to get lost in the wonders of Amsterdam's art world. The Museum Editions are also exhibited right within the hotel walls; keeping their heritage close.

2015 marked 125 years since the death of Vincent Van Gogh. In his honour, the Amstel hotel have created the Van Gogh suite. This room allows one to step into the Van Gogh world. With beautiful views on the city and the Amstel, the VG suite is ideal for anyone wishing to delve into his life. Adorned with Van Gogh Museum Editions, as well as a Sunflower welcome. The easel with blank canvas sets the atmosphere in the room for any guest feeling creative. All of these additions play on the finely decorated room, the light yellows and dark navy create a true homely experience.

The suite also comes with priority tickets to the museum and the Van Gogh VIP package.

The hotel has always been known for it's position within dutch culture. By putting a focus on one of the country's most revered painters they continue to cement this idea. The La Rive restaurant, in honour of this 125 year milestone, offers a Van Gogh inspired dinner menu. While the hotel bar has a cocktail based upon the artist's favourite drink, Absinthe.

By Harry Castle Online PR Assistant 17-09-2015