Van Gogh on Tour | Kruisherenhotel, Maastricht

The Kruisherenhotel in Maastricht offers the perfect backdrop to showcase Van Gogh’s work. A newly renovated 15th century monastery at the heart of the city of Maastricht. The Gothic medieval architecture of the building is balanced perfectly by the sleek minimalistic and modern interior.
The area in which the hotel is situated has recently been given a new lease of life thanks to the work done in the area and opening the location up to businesses. This idea of allowing new businesses to open in an area that has been almost forgotten, gives the entire location a sense of recycled life. Which can also be seen through the monastery’s recent modern makeover; the architecture and historical importance are beautifully met with an exquisite marriage of styles and taste.
Matching old style with new and innovative techniques is at the heart of the Tribute International concept. Herein lies the justification for using this location to exhibit the Van Gogh Museum Relievo Collection. Creating this harmony that is structured by history and styles allows us to constantly reimagine how art and architecture can adapt and compliment each other.

By Harry Castle Online PR Assistant 15-05-2015