Van Gogh on Tour | Vincentre, Nuenen

From 1883 to 1885, at the age of 30 Vincent returned to the picturesque village of Nuenen in the south of the Netherlands. The 2 years he spent in Nuenen allowed for a full development of his palate. Which in turn led to the creation of one of his most renowned pieces of work, the potato eaters . Vincent moved in with his parents and became apart of the Nuenen village society. The village itself is home to over 21 sites that relate to the artist. This includes the Vincentre, a museum dedicated to Van Gogh’s life and works. Van Gogh's time in Nuenen remained quite tumultuous. His father's death occurred during this time. This tragedy as well as his general rejection from the artistic world pushed Vincent to explore himself. Over a quarter of VVG's work is said to have been created during this 2 year stint in Nuenen.

This village represented some powerful emotions and important moments in the artist's life. Thus it is no surprise that the village has retained it's position as the Van Gogh village . There are no original paintings in Nuenen which is why the Relievo exhibition will take place there. It will provide the perfect opportunity for fans and locals to experience the true beauty of Van Gogh's work.
By Harry Castle Online PR Assistant 28-07-2015