Cocktails & Van Gogh; a love story

Let’s take a look at what enjoying a work of art and an alcoholic beverage have in common. Yes, this seems random. But it won’t after we finish making this list. The most obvious similarity these two share would be that they are both enjoyable. Combined they offer even more pleasure. (fun+fun=double fun) In some way the experience of art and alcohol are intoxicating on different levels.
Both also happen to be a support system, a rock to help you through a break-up or a fine distraction when you’ve gone through the whole new season of House of Cards within 48 hours- one “rock” is more socially acceptable but we’re only pointing out sameness right now.

Now that we got this convincing correlation process out of the way, we can connect the dots because we know you’ve been thinking about Vincent Van Gogh when we first mentioned booze and art. Indeed, they happened to be his two great loves. No wonder, because after seeing barman Steve create Van Gogh inspired cocktails at the Axis Bar at Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol we are convinced that both are an art form. The Van Gogh Museum Editions have been placed near the brand new bar and master of mixology Steve was inspired by the movement, color, theme and composition of each Museum Edition. First there is a cocktail which at first glance gives away its Sunflowers-influenced roots. A mix of original Van Gogh Gin, Thomas Henry tonic, a beautifully cut piece of fresh orange and a sugar-coated dehydrated slice of orange reflect the shapes and colors Van Gogh used. We don’t doubt Van Gogh would enjoy this refreshing beverage himself.

Then there is a cocktail which was inspired by Van Gogh’s life and the French way of living. A foamy concoction is made out of sugar, lemon juice, egg whites and Xantana. Xantana is a stabilizer so that the foam stays bubbly and in right form for drinking part of the cocktail. A few drops of Elixir Vegetal is added which contains 134 pure plant extracts. Then Van Gogh’s favorite, Absinthe is added to the foam, presenting a beautiful balance of sweet,sour and a little naughty bubblebath. The bottom of this cocktail is made up of Martell Cognac, sweet Vermouth, Peychaud cocktail bitters, orange bitters  and a little grapefruit to mask the eggwhite from the foam. They are layered with the foam on top, not only looking graceful but tasting exquisite with hints of complex herbal and floral characters and undertones of orange bitters.The layering of this mixed drink is build like a painting, suggesting different flavors underneath, offering new sensations to the palette with each sip. The details are so refined and delicate that they mirror elegant brushstrokes.  

With these artistic beverages and the beautiful reliefography pieces to enjoy while sipping, you are guaranteed a better time then you’ve ever had at a hotel bar.
By Claudia Kaltenbrunner Online PR assistant 06-04-2016