The legacy continues - Laren

Green tree lined streets, create a sense of cover or protection. The trees blew their pods to the ground throughout the cool April morning. Not ideal for a gardener but the effect was more than mesmerizing, as it offered a mystical sense of serenity to the picturesque street in Laren. Each road was littered with straw topped houses along its edges. Some were dark grey and disheveled after countless wet winters. Others, newly thatched shimmered gold with the occasional spurt of sunshine.

The doorway was opened as we were greeted by the rhythmic pitter patter on the aged wooden floors of an excitable miniature dog. As we were ushered into the living quarters, one felt an immediate comfort in the aspect of the diverse decoration styles. Classic Dutch with a modern allure while keeping a refined oriental accent forever present within the room. Our client, a new-age hedge fund manager , seemed enthused to give us his own two sense about his reasoning for acquiring part of the Van Gogh Museum Relievo Collection. We were enthralled by his story; outlining such notions as new techniques being used to deliver the same effect, in art as well as in hedge fund investment we are seeing the same result as before but with different, modern methods. Our new friend, wanted to show us that it was not the art that is in question with the Van Gogh Museum Collection but rather the method and the quality of the product. The artistic process has not changed but rather the knowledge and technology that have evolved.

This new process of creation offers a renewed sense of appreciation for these timely works. The paintings are given a new life through a more personal enjoyment.
“I have often found that one cannot truly appreciate a painting in the museum, with all the people and commotion it is difficult to truly get lost in the artist’s expression. The painting has it’s own life, it changes throughout the day depending on the light of the room and the angle at which it is being observed at. It would be impossible to appreciate these finer details in a museum.”

One of the primary arguments for owning one of these Relievo paintings is of course the enhanced appreciation of the work, each brush stroke can be felt and appreciated. The method adds extra sensory receptors to the experience of appreciating art. The art then lives on through other peoples appreciation of it.

An intrinsic balance is created through the appreciation of the art itself, the artist’s story and this new method.

For the art to live on it must be appreciated to its fullest and it could be that the only way of truly appreciating it is with no one else around. 

By Harry Castle Online PR Assistant 25-08-2015