The legacy continues - Stabilo

The bubbly chaps at Stabilo in Eindhoven were great to meet. Their attitude toward their work and passions was a true delight. Stabilo have been partners of ours for the past 3 years. Their collaboration has helped the Van Gogh Museum Edition exhibitions to truly stand out when it comes to their set up and esthetic value.

The Boss, Harry van Hoorn , grew up in Amsterdam, as such Van Gogh was always an important part of his life. Of course, back then it was inconceivable to consider purchasing one of these paintings.
When arriving at the Stabilo office, the first vision that one is greeted with is The Sunflowers.  Sitting against a perfectly colored back wall, the focus rests on the paintings intricate color combinations. The Sunflower is Harry’s favorite Van Gogh. It holds the strong Dutch heritage.  There is a sense of pride that can be felt from these 2 men, aimed at work of the country’s most revered artist.
Each painting is in itself a self contained work of art. They take between 3-6 months to create and demand the input of a number of experts. Every finite detail must be taken into account during this process.
We continued to discuss the heritage and meaning of these paintings. An interesting point was made regarding the access to the painter’s work. This culminated with a very specific image of the dedicated artist who could never be accepted.  The Boss, then, stood up and walked to one side of the room. He seemed to struggle to lift the object that he was bringing to the table. As he placed it down on the table he looked at us to see if he had sparked our interest. Which, of course he had.  After a few inquiries Harry detailed the story of how he had made the acquisition of a meteorite.
It is not the object that has value but it is the story that lies behind the object that makes it important. Which mirrored his reasoning for owning 2 the Museum Editions. These paintings, which have so much personal value, could not be owned or appreciated before the Museum Edition. Now they can mean something to anyone. The Harvest sits at home with Harry’s family to show structure and express happiness. While the Sunflowers at work represent the pride of Dutch heritage.
The second man, Dennis, sat quietly, listening to our stories. When we finally asked him what he thought.  We immediately understood the value that he felt from the Editions.
He explained that he lived near the village of Nuenen where van Gogh had spent part of his life. He was married in the church, which is so famously depicted in Van Gogh’s painting. His appreciation for the painter and his work felt almost natural and unbounded.
These men had a true connection to the painter that meant more to them than his fame as an artist. The Museum Editions have made it possible for these paintings to be truly appreciated by the people that they matter most to. A heartwarming story from both of these men that value the Editions for anyone to enjoy. They remain intricately linked to the art world through their work at Exhibits. However, their relationship with Van Gogh runs a lot deeper.
By Harry Castle Online PR Assistant 30-10-2015