The Van Gogh Suite | Intercontinental Amstel Hotel

Most of us have encountered at least a handful of Van Gogh’s famous works in our life. Whether it be a postcard sent from a relative, the posters around cities, art books we’ve flicked through- most people can recognize Vincent’s famous brushstrokes once we see them. Actually looking at the works up close in 3D is a whole new experience. The lucky exhibition-goers can sense his touch, observe his mastered hand and feel what his skilled color combinations trigger in the mind.
The world-renowned Amstel Hotel figured a 4D experience might bring us even closer to feeling what Van Gogh wanted to stimulate in his admires.  Vincent’s ‘reality’ life would not be the most comfortable stay most of us can imagine, having lived mostly in poverty over the years. The Amstel Hotel has perfectly captured what Vincent’s ‘dream’ stay would look like. This way, spending the night in The Intercontinental Amstel Hotel is like spending the night in the mind of the artist, his longing and his desires.
The spacious suite including the best view of the Amstel River is where we can imagine him painting, locking down the beauty and magic that the Dutch city offers.  This is why the Amstel has even given guests the chance to be inspired and let their creative juices flow by offering blank canvas as well as painting materials in the exclusive suites.
Surely you’ve never dreamt of laying your head down below one of Van Gogh’s masterpieces every night (just imagine the starry nights you’ll have). Hereby the hotel gives guests the privilege of having the Van Gogh Museum Editions in the suite to either cross of your bucket list or even go on to purchase one of your very own limited Museum Editions.
Anyone who has seen Vincent’s The Bedroom in real life and wanted to dive into that spectacular work of art gets the chance to stay in a bedroom of Vincent, with an upgrade in pillows.
By Claudia Kaltenbrunner Online PR assistant 02-11-2015