Van Gogh Museum Edition On Tour

Throughout his life time, Van Gogh was never recognized as the genius he was. Vincent’s use of vivid colors, unique brushstrokes and extraordinary skill were extremely avant-garde for his time. 125 years after his death, the art world worships the extraordinary intensity of emotion of Van Gogh’s timeless paintings. Few individuals will ever have the opportunity to experience his art first-hand. Our objective is to present Van Gogh’s works through a series of meticulously curated reproductions to convey the true emotion and passion portrayed in his works. Recreating Van Gogh’s works benefit both the artistic sphere as well as passionate aficionados that are willing to possess a legitimate version of some of his renowned paintings. As Vincent Van Gogh himself wrote in a letter to Theo Van Gogh, “a plan for making prints for the people is something to which I hope you’ll give some thought one day.” Thankfully, under close supervision of the Van Gogh Museum, the idea has finally flourished and Van Gogh’s prints have been concretised. Through a technique named ‘reliefography’, the Van Gogh Museum uses three dimensional laser scanning, digital imaging, and state-of-the-art printing technologies - combined with hours of handcraft - to reproduce Van Gogh’s bold colors and rugged brushstrokes with astounding perfection.

It has become possible for you to participate in a transformative experience by purchasing your own stringently calibrated and expertly verified recreation of a Van Gogh masterpiece. In fact, we have collaborated with Canadian real estate company Ivanhoé Cambridge to bring Van Gogh into Canadian malls from October 16th to November 15th, the first project of the North America tour. This unique, museum pop-up experience will feature nine Editions of some of Van Gogh’s most-celebrated works. The Van Gogh Museum has authorized a limited edition of 260 (of each painting), which include a museum quality frame and contain reproductions of both sides of the paintings. Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-life-time opportunity.
By Pietro Negri Online PR Assistant 05-10-2015