Van Gogh on Tour | Devonshire club, London

The Devonshire Club, near Liverpool st. might well be the perfect setting to showcase the Van Gogh Museum Editions collection. In the heart of the city, the space exhibits an amalgam of luxurious design and modern decor. Which matches the concept behind the Museum Editions to the T. The club's main building sits within the walls of an 18th century East India Trading company Warehouse. Not only does it boast of such amenities as a Wellness centre, Boutique hotel and a stunning seafood Brasserie. They have also opened up their doors to cultural events, exhibitions and creatives from around the world.

The event will take place at 7pm on the 7th of February at the club in the centre of London and will showcase some of Van Gogh's most infamous oeuvres for the coming month. The process through which each multiple is created has been topical within the classical art scene in the past 3 years. With exhibitions scheduled throughout Europe and North America, their first outing in London is sure to be remarkable. This is an exciting time for not only art fanatics that dream of owning a piece of classic post-impressionism. But, also for those of us that want to learn about how we can cherish these works of art for years to come. The Museum Editions combine the classic impasto style (made famous by Van Gogh) with 21st century "Reliefology". All of which you can learn more about at the upcoming event.

If you require more information, why not get in touch with our London based partner, Kate Wake-Walker.

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By Harry Castle Online PR Assistant 20-01-2017