Van Gogh on Tour | Restaurant de Bokkedoorns

We thought it would be a great idea to combine Van Gogh’s artistic expressions with a dining experience. It does seem like a natural fit doesn’t it? Stimulating all the senses, tasting what Van Gogh’s works make you feel, if there is such as thing as a 5D experience this would likely be it.
Now, we couldn’t have predicted that a chef could carry a menu to a level so imaginative that it would be an artistic expression in itself.  Head chef Menno Post took the lead in guiding his dynamic team of staff on a journey through edible Van Gogh. He did his homework like a straight A student- studying Van Gogh’s works, the meaning behind those strokes and colors and what food meant during the time Vincent put brush to canvas.
Location: Restaurant de Bokkedoorns. A sanctuary found in a unique dune area, with a stunning view of the soothing dune lake. The drive through the green forest path leading to the restaurant feels like you are leaving your day-to-day behind for a little while, like entering through the doors of Narnia.
It is no wonder that this restaurant has two Michelin stars, because there is a certain finesse in everything surrounding de Bokkedoorns; from the staff to the table cloths and ofcourse the food.  There is something so serene about sitting at a restaurant this qualitative while being surrounded by the calls of nature, quaking ducks, wind rushing through the long grass.
Now that we have painted a picture of where this Van Gogh meets Chef Menno takes place, it is time to make your mouths water. “The painting comes to me as if in a dream” is Vincent’s infamous quote printed on the menus. The menu is as dreamy as it gets.  Each painting is dissected and put together in an edible way. The Harvest features wheat, grass, watercress, sweet and sour radishes and corn, all field vegetables and fleshly harvested greens.  The Bedroom plate translated with a wink; bed and breakfast. Eggyolk with bacon, tomato broth, garden beans and lobster.  Undergrowth giving us every inch the intense darkness of colour and flavor with green moss, an absinthe vanilla crème parfait made from mint anise.  All nine reproduced works are looked at through an artist’s point of view, the chef making us take in the paintings in a new way. Each dish is accompanied by carefully selected drinks; a celebratory Moët and fragrant French wines. When all the courses have been enjoyed and it is time to say goodbye to the restaurant and the Museum Editions (or take one home!) you know you have had a memorable experience, which will hopefully ‘come to you as if in a dream’.  
Meet Van Gogh at de Bokkedoorns from 21 September until 3 October.
By Claudia Kaltenbrunner Online PR assistant 21-09-2016