Van Gogh on Tour | Vancouver

Through the use of 'reliefography', the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam meticulously recreated 9 different editions of Van Gogh's paintings, perfectly portraying their vivid colors and uniquely rugged brushstrokes. In fact, the nine carefully selected masterpieces of Van Gogh have been quite the travellers in 2015. They like exploring the world and this February they will have some new stamps added to their passports when visiting Vancouver for a month.

Not only are the Museum Editions ticking their globetrotting goals off their bucket lists, a great deal of visitors of the Oakridge Centre in Vancouver will have some dreams come true by getting the chance to experience Vincent’s art up close. The Van Gogh Museum Edition Collection contributes to making the life and work of Van Gogh accessible to as many people as possible in order to inspire and motivate. 
Shoppers at the 574,000 sq.ft. establishment will be able to swing by in between an Apple and Tiffany & Co. visit, giving convenience shopping a whole new meaning. We aim to further engage the community by hosting a number of community initiatives, including an art competition and elementary school tours to inspire people beyond observation mode.  The first way to educate through entertainment is to surround youth by different shapes, colors, and techniques to show different ways other people experience the world. Once a mind is broadened, room can be made for inspiration and creative thinking, which is a great tool beyond actually creating art forms. This is one of the paramount intentions of the Van Gogh Museum Edition. It has become possible for you to participate in a transformative experience by purchasing your own stringently calibrated and expertly verified recreation of a Van Gogh masterpiece

From the 24th of February to March 27th, people of all ages can stop by the stand of Museum Editions to admire, create, buy or just be inspired to choose a new wall color to pick up at Crate and Barrel. 
By Claudia Kaltenbrunner Online PR assistant 16-02-2016