Technology & craft

Reliefography: a new kind of precise re-creation

The limited editions are produced by a new process called 'reliefography' developed in collaboration with Fuji Film Belgium. Reliefography combines state-of-the-art imaging, scanning and printing technologies, with painstaking handcraft by master restoration experts.


First, experts apply a specially developed molding textile to the surfaces of the paintings to re-create the surface shape of every individual brushstroke with microscopic accuracy. Using this impression, the painting's surface is recreated and applied to canvas that closely resembles the original.

The color is then reproduced and applied using a combination of laser scanning, digital imaging and 3D printing technologies. The result is a highly accurate and extremely stable rendering of the painting's colors, but also of the shape and texture of each brush stroke in minute detail, on real canvas similar to the canvas on which Van Gogh painted.


Each canvas is examined and subjected to a millimeter-scale comparison to the original work by the museum’s curators before being authenticated as a certified and limited edition. The nine Van Gogh's editions, which represent different milestones in Vincent's life, form a numbered series of 260 unique works, which will not be re-issued.